Jarrod Marlowe

Member of the Council of Seven



Age: 35
Race: Human

Jarrod Marlowe can be described as many things, a leader, resourceful, respected, and above all, extremely charismatic. The youngest member of the Council of Seven, Jarrod rose to prominence through a combination valor as well as an uncanny ability to rally those around him. Although some think he lacks the experience or patience to serve on the council, nonetheless his support among the populace combined with a few ruling members was enough to earn him a seat.

Unlike his peers, Jarrod would prefer the order play a more active role in the kingdom, believing the faith should be more aggressively spread. Although he is a devout follower of Pelor he tends to interpret the teachings differently than others, believing that charity, modesty, perseverance, and self-sacrifice are not enough. That instead direct action must be taken against evil, regardless of how extreme such actions might be. As of late there have even been rumors of him associating with certain political figures within the kingdom, some whisper of his involvement with the rising tensions between the Kurlo empire and the kingdom of Ceraes.


Jarrod Marlowe

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