A proud warrior on a quest to defeat his father's bane.


Kukane is 26 years old. He is 7’8", about 330 lbs and in excellent physical condition. He has gray skin with dark gray markings.

Kukane wears hide armor, and carries a heavy shield. He wields a longsword, and also carries some javelins for out of reach targets.


Kukane is a member of the Earthseed Tribe. He is the only child of Akamu and Leilani.

Kukane’s father was also a warden. When Kukane was five, Akamu went on a quest to defeat the two-headed snake with his best friend, Maleko. Akamu fell in the battle with the snake, and Maleko was horribly scarred and blinded in the encounter. Maleko told the tribe that Akamu sacrificed himself to allow him to escape after being wounded by the snake. Despite his wounds, Maleko is still a powerful shaman, and is one of the members who advise the current chief, Chief Red Bear.

Kukane’s mother, Leilani, is the only daughter of the former chief, and sister of the current chief. All daughters of the chief are trained to be witches and Leilani is the third-highest ranking witch in the tribe, behind her two aunts.

Growing up, Kukane was a gifted athlete. He also constantly pushed himself because he wished to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Recently, Kukane, and his cousin Kahavi, left the village on a quest to defeat the two-headed snake.


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