Margaret Jelen

Oriel's Adoptive Mother



Age: 57
Race: Human

Margaret Jelen is the Holy Mother to the temple the Order of Dawn in Selance, the primary group of follows to Pelor in the human kingdom. She is Oriel’s adoptive mother who found and raised the girl when she was abandoned on the steps of the temple. Tempered with years of working as a cleric of Pelor, Margaret displays an uncharacteristically lighthearted demeanor, unusual to a position known for its pious individuals.

She cares deeply for those around her, and takes special care to ensure that this extends to those outside of the temple walls. And although she heads a temple, she is quick to remind her fellow disciples that the world is home to many ideas, they can extend the hand of the faith, but one must willingly make the choice to take it before they become a follower. This has caused her to become increasingly uneasy given the growing political, and what some might consider militant actions taken by the clergy. Nevertheless she remains faithful, hoping that Pelor may eventually cast light on such questionable deeds.


Margaret Jelen

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