The quiet half-elf cleric.



Character Sheet

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The girl before you watches with emerald eyes, and a nervous look of uncertainty. She wears an outfit clearly marking her a member of the clergy, baring colors of white with modest bits of gold. She appears human, although shorter than average, however her ears give away the elven blood in her veins. A half breed, born of two cultures yet belonging to neither. A light shield separates herself from you, as if the object was a great bastion to hold the world at bay.

Character Background

Oriel Jelen’s story is not one born of noble or great beginnings as one might expect of many adventurers, in fact the word adventurer might not even be appropriate for such an individual. Nay Oriel was a girl born to a more humble start, one might even say common and uninspiring, as orphans were certainly in no short supply, at least in the human kingdom.

Abandoned on the doorstep of the Order of Dawn in the small border city of Selance as a newborn, she was taken in by the head priestess Margaret Jelen and given the name Oriel, meaning “daughter of morning”. The name seemed appropriate considering her appearance at first light; Margaret raised her as her own, the girl’s parents never making an appearance. Although orphans were not uncommon in this land, the priestess thought it strange that an elf child would be left on their doorstep as such things were practically unheard of in their culture. The reason soon became apparent as the girl grew; she was of half-blood, the result of a union between elf and human, and while it was unlikely her elven parent would have abandoned her, the same could not be said for the human counterpart.

This meant little however to Margaret and she quickly pushed the questions from her mind, the girl was here now, the doors to the order were always open to those in need, Pelor would not see her abandoned a second time. The order taught her many things, how to read and write, history, and of course the teachings of Pelor. She took these especially to heart, quite possibly due to her own history she could empathize with the suffering of others. It was perhaps for this reason that out of everything the order taught her, healing magic was what she devoted her study to most.

Although she showed a talent for such things, interaction with people was not, she was a shy girl and conversation did not come easily. She spent most of her time in the temple refining her skills, much to the chagrin of Margaret, not that she disapproved of her devotion to study but there was more to life than books and prayer. She frequently reminded Oriel that although the power of the gods is great, the hands of mortals still played a large part in shaping the world. This persuaded Oriel to at least venture out into the city from time to time, assisting the sick or needy where she could, however she still never ventured past the city borders.

As the years past the order seemed to become more involved in political matters, although Oriel wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, Margaret seemed to be more concerned as time went on, after all this was a religious order, not some political or military group. Many of the members at the temple were sent off on orders from the Council of Seven, a collection of priests and Templar’s dedicated to overseeing and guiding the followers of Pelor. Tasks like the spreading of the faith, sometimes fervently so, many times in far off settlements with only a small minority of human inhabitants. Margaret would never elaborate on these things; Oriel could not understand why spreading the idea of compassion would be a bad thing.

She would have a chance to find the answers to such questions soon enough, as even she was not exempt from her duty as a member of the order. She was reluctant at first, however this was not a gentle request by Margaret, and she had been given explicit instructions to investigate a sickness sweeping over the land. She would need to find her fey contact, an eladrin named Erevan specifically, who would be assisting her in the investigation.

Character Theme: Knight Hospitaler

Hospitalers are members of a religious order of compassionate warriors sworn to provide care and comfort to the poor, the sick, and the injured. Their chapter houses are in many large cities, offering comfort and healing to those in need of it. However, hospitalers are most famous for their work out in frontier lands, where they aid travelers (especially religious pilgrims) who are in distress far from any other help. Fortified hospices stand near difficult mountain passes, at remote river crossings, and in lonely clearings in dark, monster-haunted forests. Many are the travelers whose lives have been saved by hospitalers watching over dangerous roads in the wilds.

In addition to serving as healers and sponsoring almshouses and hospices throughout the land, hospitalers are valiant soldiers. Hospitaler orders keep roads safe from bandits and monsters, especially routes used by pilgrims journeying to holy sites. They defend important shrines and protect high-ranking members of the priesthood. Finally, hospitaler orders are the backbone of many crusading armies seeking to confront great evils in far lands.

Like chevaliers, hospitalers are seen as knights of a sort and are entitled to a number of privileges in most realms. They are responsible for maintaining estates and strongholds, overseeing justice in their demesnes, and marshaling companies of soldiers to protect the lands around their estates. However, they are loyal to religious leaders, not secular rulers. Hospitaler commanders hold high ecclesiastic rank as well as knightly titles and estates. In practice, most hospitalers split their time between the estates for which they are personally responsible and the chapter houses or hospices of their order. Titles and estates are awarded on the basis of seniority and family influence, so low-ranking hospitalers rarely have estates of their own. Instead they serve as seneschals or lieutenants to landed hospitalers, swear fealty to the king or high nobles of the nearest realm, or take up arms in a crusade.



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