The Earthseed Tribe

The Legend of Ankor
The story begins with a warrior. Ankor was the mightiest warrior of his tribe. He was coming home a hero, after leading his people in a great victory over their enemies.

Arriving home, Ankor found his wife in bed with his brother. He became enraged, and began killing everyone in sight. The people tried to stop him, but his fury clouded his mind and made him unstoppable. He didn’t stop until every member of the tribe was dead.

Upon awakening from his madness, Ankor saw what he had done, and was filled with remorse. He realized that he is without kin, and that his name will pass from the world and be forgotten. He seeks out Ten Thousand Seasons, the spirit of beginnings and endings. His plan was to make the spirit create a new beginning for him and his tribe.

Ankor travelled deep into the forest, fighting off many monsters to reach the spirit. Finally, he arrived at the tree where the Ten Thousand Seasons dwells, and demanded that the spirit help him. When the spirit refused to come out, Ankor cut down the tree in anger. Ten Thousand Seasons laughed at the futility of his actions and regrew the tree faster than Ankor could cut it down.

Eventually Ankor’s weapon broke in half and he fell to his knees, weeping. From where his tears hit the ground, a seed came forth. Ten Thousand Seasons told him to find a place where the seed will grow, and there he’ll find his new tribe.

Ankor travelled all over the land trying to plant the seed, but wherever he went, the animals, spirits, or other goliaths decry him as a murderer. When he tries to plant the seed in the forest, the spirits refuse to allow anything to grow.
Next, he tried to live amongst the beasts, but a two-headed snake appeared to drive him off. He tried to fight the snake, but his weapons broke against its scales, and he had to run away.

He then found another band of goliaths, but they had heard of him already. They dared not reject him openly, fearing that he would kill them all, so they decided to trick him. They got him very drunk on beer, and dressed up as spirits. By this time, Ankor had a healthy fear of spirits, and he ran away in terror.

In despair, Ankor believed that he would never find a place where he is not tormented by spirits, and decides it would be best to die. He climbed the highest peak he could find, intending to jump. Close to the top, a bolt of lightning struck the mountain causing a landslide. It buried Ankor, but he did not die. However, he realized he had dropped the seed in the landslide. For three days, he worked, finally digging himself out.

What he found amazed him. A sapling, covered in stone, had sprouted from the ground. He tended to the tree for a year, and the tree grew quickly, reaching adulthood. After a year, the stone around the tree cracked, and out of the cracks stepped a woman. Her name was Enkidu, which means home. Ancor took Enkidu as his wife, and the two founded the Earthseed Tribe.

The Village of the Earthseed Tribe
High in the mountains, on a large flat mesa, live the Earthseed Tribe. They live in one of the least hospitable places imaginable. The air is cold, as would be expected up in the mountains, so they rely on goats for food. They must take the goats lower in the mountains daily to forage on the sparse grasses, shrubs and occasional fruit tree. They keep the goats in caves, and cover the entrances with large stones at night.

Another strange thing about the mesa is the spirits. There’s an abnormally high amount of earth spirits and storm spirits that roam the mesa. Members of the tribe are not afraid of the spirits, and they are surprised when they encounter someone who has never seen a spirit. Because of this, many members of the tribe have a high affinity with primal magic.

Upon the mesa, the goliaths build shelters out of stone. The goliath’s strength and skill allows them to build sturdy stone buildings. The constructions need to be, as the mesa is hit by powerful storms several times a week. In addition to the storms, the tribe is occasionally the victim of stone giant attacks, who hurl boulders at their constructions. With the storms and giant attacks, the buildings need to be repaired constantly.

The tribe is led by a chief, who is always a male. The chief also has a group of advisors that consist of the three highest ranking shamans and also the highest ranking witch. The shamans are usually male, but witches are always female. Witches are rare, and usually only daughters of the chief are taught to be witches. However, the head witch may choose others to train if omens indicate they have the gift.

When a chief dies, the oldest son of the chief becomes the new chief. In the case that the chief has no sons who are old enough to rule, games are held to determine who will be the new ruler of the tribe. Chief Red Bear is the current ruler, with Kahavi being next in line.

The Earthseed Tribe

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