Isle of Illandra

A Trade City (Part 1)

2 Part session

The group managed to arrive to the city by nightfall. They were hot and sweaty, except for Erevan who was just bad smelling. The city however was rather strange. No one manned the gates and the people were like shells in that they just worked on whatever they were doing and paid no attention to anyone else. The place seemed to be battle damaged, yet the damage was not fresh. Erevan seemed to have an idea of what city it was, but before he could say it, he seemed to hear something. He told everyone to be on guard and proceeded further into the city.

Not too long after, the group was stopped by the civilians as they seemed to be focused on Oriel. They were thankful that she had come to answer their prayers and that the “Castillian” would save them. Erevan seem to indicate that the group doesn’t have a choice any longer about not being involved with whatever it is that is going on. Before too long, he tried to restore order and wanted explanations about their help request. An old man came by to break up the crowd by stating that the group was not Castillians and no one was saving them; that they should infact go back to work. A small group left with the man, but the rest stayed. However, a tiefling, some demons that look liked they were humanoid conversions, and a green demon came upon the group before questions could be answered.

Erevan seemed to have some interest in wanting the green “Plague Demon” alive. The fight broke out after a little bit of talk.

Part 2 will finish the story.



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