Isle of Illandra

A Trade City (Part 2)

And its all revealed

The group finished the fight, but a tiefling got a way. The plague demon that was left was there to hopefully answer questions and it seems Erevan was trying hard to get that to happen. The only thing that was answered was that they were in the city of Demria and the year is 957. This puzzled some members as the year should be 932. Erevan was unfazed by this information. So after that knowledge… and amusing bumbling of the other group members, Erevan decided to ask more for information the group could use, but the demon decided not to cooperate. This gave incentive that no one objected to Erevan’s incentives by testing the limits of the demon’s endurance via doing cruel torture that included studies and testing in hopes to get more information, but alas, it seemed the demon was true to his word and died without answering anymore questions. A mysterious person came by and called out “Castillions” which once again, the group had no knowledge of what the Castillions are, and she took Oriel, but Oriel seemed to go willingly after she whispered something to her. After the group followed and Marinus getting lost for a bit, they went down and learned of the mysterious girl named Evelyn and her brother, Edward, had some information and kept us hidden from anymore demons to attack. The group learned of some tragic news after exchanging a small bit of information. The Island Illandra is destroyed. The Tree is gone. There was a war and Marsuveous destroyed it. Castillion is the last place known with a world tree and possibly the last place with magic as no arcane magic or primal magic has been seen in a long while. Erevan did his best to calm the group that were thinking about how the home was destroyed and the people that died by saying that it would be pointless to react now especially if the chances are near zero to do anything about it, but if they can gather information and head to Castillion that there may be a chance to go back to their own time and use that to immediately respond before the events happen and change the future, or at least one enactment of the future provided how one of the time theory magic works. Edward and Evelyn agree to take the group over to Castillion after seemingly understanding that they can help, but it may change their existence as they wouldn’t be changing history, they would just be changing the future. So the two lead them off and out of the city to head to Castillion, one being a Burglar, one being a Chef.

XP: 4850

Hirlings gained: 2

  • Evelyn – Burglar
  • Edward – Cook



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